Research Group

Massimo Tagliavini

Carlo Andreotti

Damiano Zanotelli

Leonardo Montagnani

Current PhD students

Christian Andergassen 

Fadwa Benyahia

Flavio Bastos Campos

Walaa Shtai


Current research assistants

Former collaborators

Former PhD students

  • Agnese Aguzzoni (2019) “87Sr/86Sr ratio of apples and its use as geographical tracer”
  • Sebastian Soppelsa (2019) “The use of natural substances to improve fruit crop performances, quality and tolerance towards stress conditions”
  • Andreas Wenter (2019) “Plant water stress detection and the effect on grapevines hydraulic functioning”
  • Marco Tempesta (2018) “Optimization of Nitrogen Nutrition of Vegetable Crops by Means of Intercropping and Residues Management in Crop Succession”
  • Michael Thoma (2017) “A stable isotope study of water use efficiency and water sources of agriculturally used grasslands in the Eastern Alps”
  • James Seutra Kaba (2017) “Nitrogen nutrition of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) in intercropping systems with gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Kunth ex Walp.)”
  • Francesco Reyes (2016) “Carbon allocation of the apple tree: from field experiments to computer modeling”
  • Elisabetta Tomè (2015) “The contribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to belowground carbon dynamics in fruit crop ecosystems”
  • Christian Ceccon (2011) “Influence of nitrogen and soil physical characteristics on belowground carbon flux dynamics of woody plants” (in collaboration with the University of Bologna)
  • Damiano Zanotelli (2012) “Carbon fluxes and allocation pattern in an apple orchard” (in collaboration with the University of Bologna)

Master students

  • Marie Sophie Wittemann “Dynamics of water content during winter dormancy in plant tissues of grapevines and apple trees”. IMaHS
  • Walaa Shtai “Diffuse radiation impact on water use efficiency in an apple orchard”. IMaHS
  • Erica Casagrande Biasuz “Assessment of bioassay for the prediction of apple re-plant disease severity”. IMaHS
  • Maximilian Morlacchi (2016/2017) “Impact of different vineyard floor managements on soil quality and on the growth of two cover crop species”. EMMA
  • Simon Clementi (2014/2015) “Evaluation of compensated Heat Pulse Velocity Method to separate the apple tree transpiration component from the orchard evapotranspiration assessed by eddy covariance system” IMaHS
  • Erica Casagrande Biasuz “Assessment of bioassay for the prediction of apple replant disease severity”. IMaHS
  • Anni Marseiler (2011/2012)”Evapotranspiration and water use efficiency in a South Tyrolean apple orchard ” IMaHS

Bachelor students

  • Isabel Luotto (2016/2017) “Biological assessment of soil management effect on root mycorrhization in grapevines”
  • Martina Frapporti (2016/2017) “Effects of residues on growth and mineral nutrition of lettuce in rotation with cauliflower and clover in a mountain environment”
  • Luca Gambarotto (2014/2015) “Valutazione dello stato idrico della vite mediante sensori al suolo e variazione del turgore fogliare
  • Thomas Brighenti (2014/2015) “Analysis of climatic parameters and water requirements for bananas in Cape Verde” 2014/2015
  • Damiano Moser (2014/2015) “Effect of a late-summer drought on grapevine water status and berry quality”
  • Simon Clementi (2011-2012) “Water fluxes in a South Tyrolean apple orchard estimated by different techniques” 2011/2012
  • Anni Marseiler (2008-2009) “Effects of soil water availability during the pre-harvest period on fruit quality and productivity of apple trees”
  • Martin Rechenmacher (2008-2009) “Ruolo del magnesio nella filloptosi precoce negli alberi di melo (cv. Kanzi)”
  • Flavio Caldonazzi (2007-2008) “Effetto della disponibilita’ di fotosintetati per l’apparato radical sul flusso di anidride carbonica dal suolo in un frutteto”
  • Erika Susat (2007-2008) “Influenza della disponibilita’ idrica e nutrizionale sul flusso di anidride carbonica dal suolo in un frutteto”
  • Christian Ceccon (2003-2004) “Valutazione della disponibilità di azoto nel suolo per l’ assorbimento radicale del melo”