Welcome to 

the Tree Ecophysiology and Ecosystem group 

at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Our major scientific interests are the exchange of carbon, mineral nutrients and water, and energy between soil, plants and atmosphere in managed tree ecosystems. We aim to provide basic knowledge to develop more sustainable production systems. We pay special attention to the aspects of tree physiology affecting resource use efficiency (nutrients and water), or improving carbon storage.

To achieve our goals we integrate several techniques: micrometeorology, ecophysiological methods, stable isotopes, tree biometry, modeling.


series of lectures @laimburg with prof. Massimo Tagliavini (25.10.2019, 11 AM) “Indicatori e livello di sostenibilità dell’agricoltura italiana”

Al Renon una stazione per misurare l’andamento dell’anidride carbonica (interview to dr. Leonardo Montagnani, TGR Bolzano)

Recently Published: Intensificazione sostenibile in agricoltura – La posizione dell’Associazione italiana delle Società Scientifiche Agrarie.

Microlezioni (Rai Südtirol Radio) : “Intensificazione sostenibile in agricoltura”, guest: prof. Massimo Tagliavini

series of lectures @unibz with dr. Omar García-Tejera (02.apr.2019)