Research assistant

Relationshipof carbon and water fluxes at ecosystem scale with the main environmental andphysiological parameters. Life cycle assessment of agro-ecosystems.
Characterization of Carbon stocks and fluxes in an orchard planting by using an eddy covariance tower and a soil respiration system (Li-8100 plusLi-8150 8 chambers multiplexer) with trenched and control plots, combined withbiometric measurements of aboveground tree-organs growth and mini-rhizotrons toassess root production and turnover (below ground C allocation).


April 2012
PhD – DoctorEuropaeus (Colture Arboree ed Agrosistemi Forestali e Ornamentali)
University of Bologna in collaboration with University of Bolzano

February 2008
International Master  “Land and Water Conservation”
February 2007
Master Degree “Planning and Management of Agro-Ecosystems and Landscape”
March 2005
Bachelor Degree “Agricultural, Forest and Environmental sciences”