Fadwa Benyahia


Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at unibz since 2023


Fields of Interest: Crop response to multiple stressors – grapevine ecophysiology – berry quality – greenhouse gas emissions – water use efficiency  – crop growth modeling –  irrigation scheduling 


Academic background:

  • 2023:  Ph.D. in Mountain Environment and Agriculture – Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food sciences, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy). 
  • 2019: International Master in Agriculture Heritage Systems: FAO-GIAHS program (Globally important Agricultural Heritage Systems) – University of Florence (Italy)
  • 2017: Master of Science in land & water resources management: irrigated agriculture – CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (Italy)
  • 2015: Agricultural Engineering in Natural Resources Management – University of Carthage (ESAMo, Tunisia)


Research projects: 
CHAR_GOAL  (2021-2024). Use of biochar as soil amendment in vineyard: effect on nitrogen balance and water availability for grapevine. Project PI: C. Andreotti
BIO-C-VITE (2023-2025). Assessment and valorization of biochar amendment for promoting soil health, carbon storage and sustainable viticulture. Project PI: G. Renella
AGRITECH (2022-2025) – Task 4.1.2. Physiological traits of resilient grapevine varieties and rootstocks. Grapevine water and nutrient use efficiency and berry quality. Unit leader. S. Cesco
BIODROPS (2020-2022). Use of biostimulants to promote drought tolerance in fruit crops. Project PI: C. Andreotti
CLEVAS (2020-2022). Effect of climate extremes on grapevine production in South Tyrol: early detection of abiotic stress and consequences for wine quality. Project PI: M. Tagliavini
WAVE (2019 – 2022). Water losses and carbon assimilation in the vineyard as affected by changes of environmental drivers. Project PI: M. Tagliavini