My Ph.D. project aims to evaluate the application of the inorganic profile and strontium isotope ratio to the traceability of agricultural products from South Tyrol. In particular, I am investigating how intensive practices, such as the use of fertilizers and spray treatments combined with irrigation water, may affect the chemical correlation between crops and the growing area. Indeed, highlighting the prevalence of the naturally occurring inorganic fingerprint over anthropogenic factors is fundamental for the application of this multi-parameter approach to geographical traceability. Additionally, I am comparing several production areas for testing the power of this strategy on food provenance. Mass spectrometric techniques (ICP-MS for inorganic elements and multicollector ICP-MS for strontium isotope ratio) are applied together with chemometrics for data treatment. As a result, I expect to elucidate the influence of anthropogenic practices on the mineral composition of agricultural products with a focus on the application of the 87Sr/86Sr ratio as geographical tracer.